Scanner at DeveloperWeek 2023

Given the extremely fast startup time and low memory usage of Rust binaries, using Rust in a serverless environment like AWS Lambdas is appealing. Rust launches extremely quickly from a cold start and uses little memory compared to other languages.

Our team wanted to use Lambda functions to scan through terabytes of data in S3 extremely quickly, and we needed to choose the fastest language for the job.

In this talk, Cliff will show how we compared Rust’s performance in AWS Lambda functions against other languages, specifically Go, Java, and Python. He’ll also cover some surprising ways you can tune Lambda performance, like how increasing lambda memory allocation will actually increase network bandwidth to S3, and more.

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DeveloperWeek 2023 Speakers


Uri Levine
Co-Founder @ Waze

Jody Bailey
Chief Technology Officer @ Stack Overflow

Chip Childers
Chief Technology Officer @ Cisco

Steve Wood
SVP of Product and Developer Platform @ Slack

Stefano Corazza
Head of ROBLOX Studio @ ROBLOX

Charity Majors
CTO & Co-Founder @

Mischella Felix-Jayachandran
Chief Enterprise Architect @ Boston Consulting Group

Tim Slagle
Head of Developer Relations @ Zoom

Devraj Varadhan
SVP Engineering @ Ripple

Randy Kern
Chief Technology Officer @ Marqeta

Todd Sharp
Principal Developer Advocate @ Twitch

Shailvi Wakhlu
Sr. Director of Data @ Strava

Check out our Serverless Rust Series covering topics like:

  • Getting started with serverless Rust in AWS Lambdas
  • Comparing Rust with other languages in Amazon Lambda functions
  • Performance data comparing Rust, Python, Go, and Java when used in Lambda functions.

Cliff Crosland
CEO, Co-founder
Scanner, Inc.

Cliff is the CEO and co-founder of, a security data lake product built for scale, speed, and cost efficiency. Prior to founding Scanner, he was a Principal Engineer at Cisco where he led the backend infrastructure team for the Webex People Graph. He was also the engineering lead for the data platform team at Accompany before its acquisition by Cisco. He has a love-hate relationship with Rust, but it’s mostly love these days.